I engaged Lisa to assist in drawing up a surrogacy contract. She was very helpful, insightful, and empathetic. I very much felt that she took the time to understand my needs and best represent my interests so that when it came time to review the contract, I had no changes or edits. All our contact was done by phone and email, including digitally signing and witnessing the contract. She made the process seamless and meaningful, when it could have easily been very awkward and uncomfortable.

Talya F

Lisa provided us with expert service in relation receiving an expedited birth certificate following a surrogacy journey. Lisa was always courteous and respectful. We would highly recommend Lisa for any work related to surrogacy.

Ryan M 

Lisa was an amazing help with me when I was going through my fertility surrogacy process.  She was super understanding, very easy to talk to, and very affordable.  I did my research and emailed a few possible lawyers and when I got her response I felt a connection right away.  She was an excellent choice and I would recommend her to anyone who is needing a surrogacy lawyer!!

Andrea S

As intended parents, our surrogacy journey is a magic and yet challenging one. We knew nothing about the legal process. Thanks for our lawyer, Lisa, who made this journey much easier. Our experience with her was a very pleasant one. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She answered our questions patiently, replied to all of our emails on time, spent time to discuss details and asked lots of questions and addressed our concerns before drafting the surrogacy contract. She helped us to find lawyer for our surrogate who is in another province and negotiated price on behalf of us. Thank you, Lisa for  doing such a great job. I would highly recommend Lisa for everyone, especially intended parents or surrogates.

Yue J

My partner and I used this law office for help with a surrogacy birth and they were wonderful, fast, reliable and within budget. I would definitely recommend this law office for anyone in the LGBTQ community who needs help with legal matters such as surrogacy.

Paul R

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable about the surrogacy process, and made the legal portion simple for us! It was so refreshing when I initially called, because it was clear how much she knew about the laws regarding surrogacy in Canada.  Throughout the process she was friendly and professional to work with, and always responded back about any questions I had right away. Also, she was very thorough and detail oriented in the contract, which I appreciated. I would recommend Lisa to anyone going through the surrogacy process.

Melinda B